This was the question we asked first. Then we asked this question in almost all European countries. After the countries’ final voting, we will launch the great continental list.

The European Cultural Choices – through the Great Minds of Europe is a  Community Project. Our aim is to rediscover our shared, European cultural heritage. The concept of Europe carries a rich and often shattered history, which defines our identity and character. Join us to bring together the most prominent figures of our history – who shaped our present, and thanks to whom we are able to define ourselves.

European Cultural Choices - European People
European Cultural Choices – European People

The European Cultural Pre-Choices took place on the Facebook with a freely expandable list in 35 countries. These serve as a basis for the most widespread continental choices. The Choices will feature the first 30 Great Minds that qualified earlier.

All the National Cultural Choices will take place to choose the 12 Great Minds of each nation who will represent their countries in European Pantheon based on Continental and National Choices. These Great Minds will be the ‘voices’ of their countries in the European Pantheon Project more European cities.

Let’s explore Europe again

Europe – as you have not seen it before 

On this map, Europe’s prominent figures are the landmarks. We hope you will enjoy browsing. Let’s explore Europe – again.

European Cultural Pre-Choices

1050 Nominees, 35 countries, 2500 years

Last year we have chosen the Great Minds of our countries and Europe,  which are the basis for the most widespread continental cultural elections. Now you can get to know them and make your own choice.


European Cultural Elections - euchoice2019

European Cultural Elections – euchoice 2019

Let’s rediscover Europe - together